Creating Opportunity through Skills Development

Mind-the-Gap started with a vision to empower, upskill and create opportunity through South Africa’s dynamic structure of Skills Development.

Established in 2004, Mind-the-Gap recognised the needs and challenges that industries and the South African workforce face to formalise their people development processes as part of the ever-changing education, vocational training and labour landscape within the arena of national skills legislation (namely the Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act, Employment Equity Act and the South African Qualifications Authority Act).

Mind-the-Gap, a quality service provider in people development aims to provide a practical solution in assisting organisations addressing their training and skills related agendas.

We assist companies in planning, implementing and analysing effective training, assessment and people development strategies that work. We are a fully accredited training provider with Services SETA and the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and pride ourselves on being experts in learning and development.

The Mind-the-Gap Team


Helen Hadfield

Helen founded and started the business and sustains the Mind-the-Gap operation from forging strategic partnerships, networking in industry, change management and in ensuring compliance and that the solutions we provide are of the best and most relevant quality to each client.  She is recognised as a Human Resource Professional: Generalist with SABPP and a member of CIPPT.

Helen has a passion for the learning and development industry and is actively involved in professional body committees and forums to share knowledge and connect.


Katherine Benbrook

Katherine is the administrator and heart of the Mind-the-Gap team machine.  She is able to assist our network of partners, clients, learners and is the data administrator for all our learner enrolments and achievements.


Lorna Bohmer

Lorna is a valuable member of the team and is our marketer and project manager based in KwaZulu-Natal.  She has hands-on experience in procuring and implementing projects as well as support learners on projects run in that region.


Trusted Network

Mind-the-Gap has over its many years in operation, has Subject Matter Experts for the services we offer from HR consultants, SDFs, Facilitators, Quality Assurers, Assessor, Moderators and Designers. We ensure that the team contracted for your project are local, knowledgeable and MTG ambassadors for the work they do.

Strategic Partners

Mind‐the‐Gap surrounds itself with a network of strategic partners in delivering holistic solutions for its clients.  With this network, we can provide a variety of solutions across a number of industries where our core business doesn’t fulfill their needs as well as ensure that our training solutions can reach a wider footprint across the country.

Leaders in training materials for public and private training providers, we work very closely with Masterskill in their NQF aligned products and assessments.

GEOFunda Training and Development has a passion for empowering and developing people to their highest potential. Mind-the-Gap works with GEOFunda in quality assurance and accreditation requirements for clients.

MDCS Skills Academy with their BEE expertise partner with our accredited solutions to give South African businesses solutions in terms of their workforce that maximises growth and success as well as compliance.

Roz is a well known trusted and very experienced contact centre and customer interaction consultant.  She adds value to many customer-centric strategies and training we do for clients.

Experienced Facilitator Network

Mind-the-Gap has a trusted, recommended, experienced group of facilitators, subject matter experts, assessors, moderators, project administrators and coaches that are contracted with to make every project we procure a success.

We recognise that projects and training require different needs and experience and, through this trusted network, we allocate and schedule resources that meet these needs accurately.

Mind-the-Gap was awarded the Top Learning Provider:

Face to Face by SABPP for 2017.

Our Credentials

  • Fully accredited Skills Development Provider with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 0903).
  • Accredited Skills Development Provider with South African Board for People Practices (Accreditation Number 61113L070BI).
  • Accreditation with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) in progress for replacement and new qualifications.
  • Mind-the-Gap is a member of APPETD (Association of Private Providers of Education and Training Development)
  • Mind-the-Gap is an Authorised Testing Centre with Certiport

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