Lucky 13 for Dawn Wing

13 Graduating from Generic Management Leadership

Dawn Wing Senior Management gave 13 employees the opportunity to participate in the 12-month Generic Management NQF 4 Leadership with funding from Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA). The learners grabbed the opportunity to step up their leadership, people and business skills.

The leadership was challenging as the employees had to juggle work commitments and their personal lives with the demands of the leadership programme. The curriculum. Included finance, business communication, human resources and other leadership skills for which Portfolio of Evidence required monthly.

As with every successful leadership, the training provider plays an integral role in its success. Dawn Wing. Thanks, Mind-the-Gap for their professionalism with a special mention for Michelle Crawford and thanks to TETA for funding this leadership!

SAEPA finds. It’s encouraging that member companies are serious about nurturing talent to ensure the continued success of our industry. Our thanks to Karen Reid, National Human Resource Manager, for the story.