A New Venture Success in Calitzdorp

Mind-the-Gap together with MBE have implemented a project training and assessing learners in New Venture Creation (NVC) at NQF level 4.   The project started in October 2017 and has been fully sponsored by Klein Karoo International (Pty) LTD as well as by a big farming company situated in the Calitzdorp district in the Western Cape.

While the project sponsors earned B-BBEE points for this initiative, the main aim was to develop small and emerging businesses in the Ostrich Industry. These future small businesses owners were to sell their “chicken raising services” to commercial farmers in the Klein Karoo area.

For this specific project, eleven suitable learners were selected from Calitzdorp and were skilled in business start-up and management techniques through the formal training and assessment of the NVC level 4 qualification. The practical component of this training was specific to applied “ostrich chicken raising” techniques.

We have successfully completed the theoretical phase of this project with a few outstanding Portfolios of Evidence still to be handed in.

The project has not come with its own test of challenges and have had to work around the current threat of the deadly “Bird Flu” disease that exists.  This has impacted time and allowed us to assist learners in working with unforeseen circumstances.

It has been a great success in that these business owners will grow their businesses in a community that is directly benefitting from their skills.   We look forward to implementing many more of this kind of project in such communities.